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Why The Daily Beast calls the Santa Fe Institute “America’s Smartest Lunch”

What an amazing place! Founded in 1984 by physicists from Los Alamos National Laboratory who were frustrated by the limitations of “stove-piping” in the sciences, SFI is dedicated to the notion of asking the big questions that matter to science and society from a transdisciplinary perspective. From Nobel Prize winners like Murray Gell-Mann (discovered the subatomic particle called quarks) to award winning writers like Cormac McCarthy and Sam Shepherd, to the brightest students from around the world, SFI hums with intellectual excitement. I am the Director of Community Relations for the Institute and honored to be associated with its mission. Please take a moment to check out their website and if you are in Santa Fe, consider taking in a public lecture or seminars and be awed by the intellectual horsepower that abounds in one place.




Why I’m proud to serve on the Advisory Board of the Penn State School of International Affairs

Having spent four wonderful years as an undergraduate at PSU, I am honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the Penn State School of International Affairs.  The SIA is creating the next generation of global citizens — professionals and scholars with international competency — who will help make tomorrow’s world more prosperous, stable, and peaceful.



Why I Joined the Advisory Board for GDS

I recently joined the advisory board of Global Data Sentinel (www.globaldatasentinel.com) enabling me to become part of the team working effectively in the battle against cybercrime. GDS provides a proprietary Data Security Operating System allowing clients to retain control of their data, wherever that data resides. The GDS software has the ability to prevent ransomware, a malicious code that locks up computer files until ransom is paid; provide retroactive security to remove access to email and files even after they have left a company’s network; and work across multi-devices, including PCs, Macs, Smartphones and other mobile devices, such as medical equipment, printers/scanners, and other peripherals.

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Why I Joined Starling Trust

Starling’s mission is to uncover the world’s trust networks. To make them visible, accessible, and useful to everyone, everywhere, and in every circumstance.  I am excited to be a part of the Starling team and to support their development of 21st century people analytics tools. There is a growing awareness of the importance of culture in driving the success of any organization.  Less well understood is how culture flows from underlying trust dynamics between individuals and teams.  Starling’s ability to bring credible quantitative metrics to qualitative management challenges is a game-­‐changer. I am continually impressed by Starling’s execution around their vision and I look forward to contributing to their growing success.



Why Santa Fe’s United Way Matters

I am proud to be a board member of the United Way of Santa Fe County. This is not your mother’s United Way… we are all in for making positive change in our children’s lives through education.
One of our programs, the Santa Fe Children’s Project is changing our community by creating new opportunities for children and families. We bring the community together to plan, advocate, and provide programs from prenatal to age 8. Our children become more successful in school and in life, our families become more resilient, our community becomes stronger both now and in the future.






Why PostPartum Support International Matters

The mission of Postpartum Support International is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide.

It is the vision of PSI that every woman and family worldwide will have access to information, social support, and informed professional care to deal with mental health issues related to childbearing. PSI promotes this vision through advocacy and collaboration, and by educating and training the professional community and the public.